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Angels We Have Heard On High Angels We Have Heard On High

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Rock on!!

Man i'm loving this song. you git amazing talent. I agree with jnry3, the vocals colud have been more punkish but other than that it was great. Keep em coming

CyriltheWolf responds:

Meh, I wanted to keep it slightly carolish, so I had to make a compromise. Though maybe it isn't a punk song.

System Override (MS RAVE) System Override (MS RAVE)

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OMG 0-o

I just got a new pair of headphones and i can now hear every aspect of this song! Damn i wish i got these a long time ago. Anyway, i think you should do a remix version of this. I know your against remixes but it would be awesome, ya know mix it up a little. Well just think about it and let me know. ttyl

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Sad Clearness Sad Clearness

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That was so cool. What are you using for this? Good work on this.

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ProudOne responds:

I used Magix Music Maker 06 and my Yamaha psr - 295

Storm the Gates Storm the Gates

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a great song, with alot of good construction. I think the reason this song didn't make the semi finals is because there are so many songs that sound like this for the contest. I put your song on the list for semi but no one else did. I think if you made this song stick out a little more it should have made it. Good luck next time.

Chrispington responds:

Yeah, well epic + medieval was the project outline, I'm not surprised there were so many epic medieval submissions :P

I'm not too fussed, it was only my second song using an actual keyboard instead of using the mouse, I need more practice. Also, now that I know there are regular song comps I'll probably notice the contests at least a month or so earlier, and more time is never bad :P

Thanks for your vote, and the review,

Ivor Hopkins Ivor Hopkins

Rated 4 / 5 stars


ya it's a cool mix of instruments and a cool song but not fitting for the contest. no pass. gl next time. keep up the good work.

JoeWigger responds:

Thanks for the comment, I didn't make this song specifically for the contest, I just thought the chorus had kinda an epic feel so I thought, why not?

The Crown Defenders The Crown Defenders

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This song was cool. I give you a 10 for diversity and effort. Your song had a cool video game feel kind of 8-bit in some parts and some abrabin style too. The only thing i think you should have done is made it loopable. besides that good job, i can really see this in a video game.

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1765 1765

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Good job!

1765 is one of my favorite music periods. It sounds like you put alot of feeling and effort into this song. I like the effects in here, they gives it a kind of hybrid baroque or romantic style. good job on this. 2p

Turning-Japanese responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate the attention I tried to put into detail here. Thanks for the review!

Back in the Night Back in the Night

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This song has a german polka drinking song kinda feel, Don't get me wrong i like it very much.I don't think the guitar really fit in the song very well. it sounded a little out of place. Other than that i like it. keep it up

MusicIsBliss responds:

i totally didn't see this "polka" thing coming when i made this song. Oh well, also I agree with the guitar, but for some reason, I am never happy with any of the sounds on FL, and dont have enough guitar recording skills to record all my stuff to sound good on guitar. thanks!

K.Omerou - March of the divine K.Omerou - March of the divine

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Epic feel.

This song is awesome. I have always been a fan of arabian (i think i spelled that right) Type music and this song has just that. The epicness of this song sounds like it came straight out of a movie score. This should fair well in the contest. keep it up.

Take Seven Take Seven

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I like that sad mood in the begining and then the change to a happier mood in the middle. your drums had nice transitions and the synths were great. keep it up.

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joncom responds:

Thanks. Glad you feel that way. I put a lot of effort into this song and I appreciate your comments!