Not on the road anymore!!!

2007-09-25 22:09:59 by wolf-tech

Yay, I'm back on the music train. Check out my new song megamix.


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2007-10-13 19:43:57

Halo 3 is okay. :) My friend has it. I tried it and there is not much difference from halo 2 except lots more new weapons and now special skills. I only like the one where the energy field forms after you throw the ball. However the industrial multiplayer map with the big ferris wheel like thing is fun to ride up and down on. Too bad my friend doesn't have internet. Can't play with you though I probably would lose. I'm pretty bad at that game but I am good hiding in the weirdest spots where people can't find me. Tip. Get the sniper and hide in the water on the level with the beach. They well never find you provided you pick a similar costume color as the water color. Fun times.


2007-10-28 19:15:12

lol are you good? :] add me @ spartanigs


2007-11-29 02:31:59

Sweet your back! Im currently making a couple collabs with Kr1z and ill ask him if all three of us can make one big collab =D.

Of course we also need your aproval.

wolf-tech responds:

Doing a collab with u guys would be an honor.


2007-12-07 20:11:21

LOL!!halo is so funny and lucky,and my username is michaelsetiyawan(my first name michael,i am from indonesia i have EF=English First)sorry its my account.well my friends why are you need more english games on that secret passwork=don`t tell me!!!it`s secret!!!.i see that images you play a games or a music on your glasses orange.but wait a second,where are you come from?and do you have a nintendo wii?oh you know?you need try a helix6 on audio,its cool!!!well,if you need to see my account,click on me for your view(sorry i first level because i sign first in 2/december/2007)

wolf-tech responds:

lol i tried to add you but it wouldn't let me, add me at darkwolf s01


2007-12-10 18:49:22